River City Girls 2 – Recruiting Tip

After a lot of trial and error, I’m noticing a tip if you want to be able to get a certain type of recruit assuredly.

Tip to Recruit Specific Enemy

I was noticing, at least on normal difficulty (and probably the others?) that my single punches could turn an enemy into beg mode.

I was also noticing that when multiple enemies were on screen, that trying this would never seem to work.

If you want a certain enemy, make sure they are the last living enemy on the screen, and if you slowly punch them.

I keep ending up having them beg (usually with enough health that even another tiny punch might not accidentally kill them) when their health is low enough.

This has given me a nearly 100% success rate on normal for getting an enemy into recruitable mode.

Hope this helps anyone frustrated trying to get that one specific enemy.

Other pro-tip

All enemies have unique attack types for their variation and some have special descriptions and seemingly way better attacks, the black nunchuck guy for instance has an insanely powerful and useful AOE that makes the cyan suit one seem like garbage in comparison utility wise).

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