Revita – How to Beat Depression Boss

The jump in difficulty from the third to fourth boss is pretty big. He seems to have a huge amount of health, so it takes ages to whittle it down. The two laser moves can be hard to escape depending on where you are on screen.

Tips to Defeat Depression Boss

Depression is much tougher than Enigma / Acceptance because the room is small, it attacks often and it’s attacks pretty much fill the screen.

Here are some tips:

When it does its slow moving bullets that explodes attack, jump to lure the shots up a bit. When it explodes, one of the shots will generally move forward so if it remains on ground level, you’ve got an incoming bullet that you’ll need to jump / dash around which will increase the chances of you getting hit.

When it does the big leap to charge the laser, make sure to dash at the apex of your jump. If you don’t, you won’t be high enough and will get hit when you touch the wall. Or better yet, do the jump boost first for more clearance.

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