Reigns: Her Majesty – Great Crone (Governing for 100+ Years)

Great Crone Achievement Tips

I used duel pistols on the king without killing him multiple times when he asked if it was a good life or catched me with a lover. There seems to be a cooldown on using the pistol successfully, not sure how long the cooldown is, must be 5-10 years.

Also works when sword or money get too low or too high. Same applies to using a duel pistol on the cardinal. You can use it many times, but there is a cooldown. In rare cases you can also use the parfume on the king instead of the pistols. I also used parfume on lovers and my maid, bone on the nun, clock on the cult priestess and book on the witch every chance I got, especially when it wasn’t clear what a normal answer would do to my stats.

Using parfume the items in most cases lets the stats to stay at the same level as before. Having all three buildings helps also as a just-in-case solution. As for the zodiac – it was a lion sign and I didn’t build a boat yet.

It seems I just got lucky and what got me in the end was a second villagers uprising that I couldn’t counter in any way.

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