Reentry – An Orbital Simulator – Lunar Rendezvous Tip

Tips for the LM CSM Rendezvous

The LM is in a lower (and therefore faster) elliptical orbit compared to the CSM, so that the LM can catch up to the CSM while also gaining altitude sufficient to properly rendez-vous with the CSM.

I just rotate the LM 180 degrees so it is pointing at the CSM, and they will rendez-vous perfectly.

My preference is to slow the LM on final approach to the CSM, which will get its orbit into a much more circular orientation (and I prefer not to screw with the CSM orbit unless absolutely necessary–it’s heavier and takes more energy to correct).

Just remember to re-circularize the CSM orbit (if it needs it) to prepare for LM jettison and TEI burn.

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