Project Zomboid – Tips for Newbies

Newcomers Tips

General Tips

  • Do not take stupid chances and prepare for the future of thousands of zombies and winter you need security shelter heat and water along with food and skills.
  • Restless Sleeper prevents you from fully removing Tiredness from your character. You’ll have ~25% left when you wake up. This means you’ll get tired faster. I’ve seen people think that and Wakeful means you get a free +4 Points but in reality you’ll just be waking up faster still with leftover tiredness.
  • If you fill roughly 3 wood crates with non-perishable foods you should be able to survive a season inside your base. 12 crates full for a year. I don’t really suggest staying inside for an entire season, but it’s good to have the backup food and a measurement of food against time. This doesn’t take into account the new calorie changes, though.
  • You can make multiple characters in the same save file, and you don’t have to wait for your current one die first to be able to switch characters.
  • Make multiple specialists to do different tasks to make your life easier. And maybe to sort of roleplay a group of survivors trying to work together to survive.
  • Debuffs hit hard! Take them very serious.

Spears are excellent emergency weapons

  • Even if you’re bone tired and exhausted, you can use a spear to murder single zombies with the critical stab attack.
  • That can mean the difference between quietly clearing that zombie near your safehouse door, or spending an hour stomping on its head while making lots of noise for other zombies to follow.

Strength is easier to level up than Fitness

  • If you want to take a trait that takes a chunk out of your Passive Skills prioritize Strength Loss. Also when you decide to lose Passive Skill keep a minimum of 3 so you keep the 125% XP boost.

Crouching in PZ is not like crouching in Skyrim

  • Crouching in the middle of a Field doesn’t make you invisible. It just reduces the sound radius of your steps. If you truely want to hide from zombies remember if you can see them they can see you if they’re within Agro Range.
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