Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Combat Tips (Enhanced Edition)

Basic Tips and Tricks for Battle

Basic Tips

  • Buff before battle, spells like haste, mage armor, mirror image, greater magic weapon, crusaders edge, enlarge person, heroism, true seeing, bulls strength, etc, make a huge difference.
  • Another good way to buff before battle is with hexes from the shaman or witch classes using fortune hex (lets you roll twice every attack) and protective luck (makes every one roll twice to hit you) with cackle (extends the duration of certain hexes by 12 seconds i Think?), by Spamming cackle you can keep increasing the duration of your hexes, this can it can be quite strong but its a hassle to do before battle so you normally only use it when you really struggling.
  • If you want your MC to be a Melee fighter pick a class with a high Base attack Bonus (BAB) like Barbarian, Bloodrager, Cavalier, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Shifter, Slayer, etc. Having a higher BAB will allow you to attack more and hit more often.
  • Try to have a Divine caster and arcane caster for a wide variety of spells for buffing and fighting (certain spells are class locked so cusaders edge for example can’t be learned by a druid even tough they are divine spell caster) p.s. you don’t need both if you only can fit one on your team a divine caster such as sosiel or daeran are arguably better.
  • You can see what spell a class can cast be hovering over the spell level on the class screen and right click to expand.
  • AC (armor class) is the number that you have to reach when you attack to hit some one or for them to hit you, if your flat-footed (caught by surprise or some other effect making you flat-footed) you will lose your dexterity bonus to AC.
  • Read what effects feats and items have you could equip and item like stern hand without reading the effect properly and be wondering why your horse is attacking you.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to equip everyone with the best gear you have p.s. also take everything off characters your not using.
  • When it comes to party composition anything is fine for normal as long as you have at least one party member to buff everyone you should be fine but as an example a basic party could look like this: Cleric, Cavalier, Bard, Magus, Witch, Fighter.
  • Try not to deviate from a class to much or at all unless you know what your doing or following a guide.

Tl:dr: Buff before battle, use high BAB classes for melee, stick to your class if you don’t know what your doing. Read your feats and item descriptions.

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