Path of Exile – Beginners Tips

Tips and Tricks for Newbies


  • You can clear the campaign with crap gear.
  • You don’t need to pick up everything.
  • Your first ever build will probably brick at maps. It’s fine.
  • You can skip all league mechanics.
  • You won’t need extra stash tabs right away.
  • It’s possible to have fun playing, despite what the eternal cranks and trolls insist.


  • Dont worry too much about Crucible at the start, focus on the normal gameplay as Crucible can be pretty tough at low levels.
  • Look up an item filter to kind of clear up some of the clutter you dont need on the ground, there are some preset ones that make it a bit easier.
  • You can also look up a build to learn what type of path to take on the crazy tree that you can put points into, could also take some time to just look at that to kind of plan a path you might want to take. As you get further in the game it will make more sense and what type of path you want to take on it, sadly there are not always enough respec points.
  • You can purchase skill gems from Nessa shortly after start and selling weapons of different types/gem colors/and links will give you different and special currency. All currency also has a use outside of just being currency.
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