PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo – Erio’s Choice Puzzle

Erio’s Choice Puzzle Solution

I got the answer after piecing together from what’s written in the resentful memories portion in the cursed items.

  • Canal: “Spirit name Toki, her father Jinkichi disappeared first followed by her mother Koma”
  • Reed: “Spirit name Okoma who died after trying to clear her husbands name”
  • Beech: “Spirit name Jinkichi”
  • Taiko: No information, his resentful memory has no correlation to the rest, with it only really saying that he had a granddaughter, which you find out later was the Canal spirit.
  • Light: Regrets the death of the young couple and their daughter. Implication of the family being the Beech(father), Reed(mother) and Canal(daughter).

From this information you can figure out that:

  • Canal died after her father(Beech) and mother(Reed) went missing.
  • Reed died after her husband(Beech) trying to clear his name.
  • Beech died first of the family can be inferred from Canal’s and Reed’s stories.
  • Light died last because he felt regrets over the others deaths.
  • Taiko I don’t know for this one.

Gives you something like Taiko > Beech > Reed > Canal > Light in order of deaths and I just guessed that Taiko was first.

Additionally there’s another file named The Honjo Incident which depicts the chronological order that all the cursed spirits died in but I forgot when that unlocks because I read it after completing the game.

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