Orc Massage – How to Play (Beginners Guide)

I’ve had to learn all this from just playing, and lemme tell you, it was frustrating going off of pictures.

Tips for New Players

Each point has five colors to indicate their progress:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple

You will want each point to get to Green, at which point it will turn into a heart, indicating the point is “perfect”. Any more, and the point will turn into a purple X, indicating a cramp.

You have 3 modes to massage with (since there’s no in-game descriptor for them, I’ll just name them for this post): Brute, Precise, and Loosen.

  • Brute (left selection) allows you to hit multiple (surrounding) points at once, starting with the center (chosen) point. This can be useful to get multiple points closer to green without expending too much stamina.
  • Precise targets a single point on the body to relax. Useful for when the surrounding nodes are green.
  • Loosen is for when a green point turns into a purple X. This undoes the cramp and returns the point to green.

As for your Time Limit, you only have a stamina limit; the client will let you take as much time with the massage as you want (does not apply to the mini-game clients). You can increase your stamina limit (as well as your massage strength) by ordering items from the laptop using the money you gained from your normal clients (mini-game clients).

The Rhythm game follows a 1 2 3 4 beat. You know the type where folks clap and say 1 2 3 4 while dancing. Yea, that kind.

Saying 1 2 3 4 like that can help with timing. And if a girl wants you to click first thing, click immediatly as soon as their thought bubbles disappear, or it’ll count as a miss.

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