Nyaruru Fishy Fight – Boss Rush 50+ Stars (Cheat)

How to Cheat Boss Rush

Locate the Nyaruru Fishy Fight folder by going to your game files.

  • SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Nyaruru\js\nya

Open nya_statem.js (any text editor like Notepad++) to turn off the checks for item consumption and getting hit.

Press Ctrl-F to look for: BattleScore: Game_Player.prototype.trigger

Swap out the two true statements for a false one. This shoud look like this:

Game_Player.prototype.triggerBossScoreOnHit = function() {
if(this._bossScoreRecording && !this._bossScoreOnHit) {
this._bossScoreOnHit = false;

Game_Player.prototype.triggerBossScoreUseConsumables = function() {
if(this._bossScoreRecording && !this._bossScoreUseConsumables) {
this._bossScoreUseConsumables = false;

Open nya_game_system.js to get more health.

Search for battleObject().hp
replace with
Game_System.prototype.adjustDifficultyHp = function(oldmhp) {
$gamePlayer.battleObject().hp = 10000;

The changes you make in the first file, nya_statem.js, will stop the game from checking if you use items or take hit.

The second file, nya_game_system.js, will change your health points to 10000 after you change the difficulty in the game.

How to Undo Changes

Right-click on Nyaruru Fishy Fight in your Steam library, then go to Properties. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. Steam will download the original files again, which will remove the changes you made.

I hope you found this useful!

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