Nemesis: Lockdown – How to Kill Aliens

Killing Aliens

Fighting really shouldnt be your first choice in this game, you might be able to kill one or two, but youll quickly run out of ammo. So its about keeping some cards that help you control them/ escape from them, collect items that will help you, etc.

Enemies will accumulate damage. Every time you deal at least 1 damage to them, a card is drawn to check their health. Adults draw 1, breeders and queens draw 2 cards. If any card is “run away”, it will move instead of die. If there are only health numbers, these are added together (for breeder/queen) and if the accumulated damage is higher than the number(s) on the card, it dies.

The health is vary, depends what intruder card it draw. Damage will count until it died or escape to intruder bag.

For example, you first attack, 2 damage, draw card 4. not died. You second attack 3 damage, draw card 4, then died.

Another example you first attack, 2 damage, draw card 4. not died. You second attack 1 damage, draw card 2, then died too.

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