Need for Speed Unbound – Heat Level 5 Cop Exploit

Are you sick and tired of spending half an hour to Sam Fisher your way to the next event? Having to play a stealth game trying to avoid all the cops the game spawns right in front of you only to then be spotted by an undercover cop right in front of your next event?

The Exploit


  • Just let cops capture you.
  • Watch the cutscene in which they arrest you.
  • Wait till it shows you how much money they take from you.
  • Then instantly leave the game by pressing ALT+F4 during the cutscene.
  • Load back in and you will see that time has not skipped. Your money is still in your account but you are back to heat level 0 again.

Now you can finally move around the city without having to play hide and seek like a ♥♥♥ all day long.

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