Naval Action – NPC Boarding Tips

Tips for NPC Boarding

  • Never board a ship when you’re outnumbered. Reduce the enemy crew before boarding by firing grape shot after armor has been taken down. Go for stern rakes.
  • Open with Brace command. NPC will likely start with Fire Deck Guns.
  • If NPC fired deck guns, follow with Attack. NPC will likely Brace after Fire Deck Guns. Attacking into Brace is devastating.
  • If NPC did not open with Fire Deck Guns, it will likely be his second order. Best option is for you to Fire Deck Guns into his Fire Deck Guns. You will trade casualties.
  • Expect NPC to Fire Deck Guns every fourth turn. Use your Brace when you anticipate his Fire Deck Guns. Follow his Fire Deck Guns with Attack to win at boarding.

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