Motocross: Chasing the Dream – Console Commands

This guide contains information on how to use the developer console.

How to Activate the Console

Do you want to enter commands but do not know how to access the dev console? You can open and close the developer console by pressing:

  • F1 – Open / close developer console.

Console Commands

You can find a list of all commands by enter this:

  • all-commands

This will list out in the console window every command that is available to you.

To find out more about a certain command, you can enter:

  • man <command>

And it will tell you how to use the command, what parameters it takes in, and a description of the command.

Camera Commands

  • camera.height <float> – Sets the height of the camera.
  • camera.distance <float> — Sets the distance of the camera from the rider.
  • camera.height-damping <float> – Sets the speed at which the camera adjusts to the target’s changes on the y axis.
  • camera.rotation-damping <float> – Sets the speed at which the camera adjusts to the target’s changes on the x axis.
  • camera.offset-x <float> – Sets the target point on the x-axis.
  • camera.offset-y <float> – Sets the target point on the y-axis.
  • camera.fov <float> – Sets the camera’s field of view.

Steering Commands

  • steering.steer-speed <float> – Sets how fast the bike steers.
  • steering.return-steer-speed <float> – Sets how fast the steering returns to 0 when no input is given.

Physics Commands

(For development purposes only).

  • <vector3> – Sets the center of mass of the bike’s rigidbody.
  • bike.wheel-bump-force <float> – Sets how fast the suspension compresses.
  • bike.wheel-rebound-force <float> – Sets how fast the suspension unloads.
  • bike.wheel-max-spring-force <float> – Sets the maximum force the suspension springs will be able to exert when fully compressed.
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