Mortal Shell – Maps (Chests, Inscriptions, Bosses, Camps, Weapons, POI)

It’s an action-RPG where your sanity and fortitude are put to the test in a shattered world. Survival requires a high level of awareness, precision, and instincts from your adversaries. Take control of slain warriors, discover the whereabouts of secret temples of the faithful, and deal with fearsome opponents.

A high-resolution, detailed map that shows every item and chest and NPC in every location you visit.

Note: This awesome maps were created by AndresofAstora.



  • Beating Hadern is not necessary for advancement, however, player is rewarded for doing so.


  • Sester Genessa NPC is located in tower basement.
  • Thestus NPC appears after obtaining your first gland.
  • Twin-Sister NPC appears after purchasing Virtuous Cycle DLC.
  • Frog Chests unlock after obtaining your first Gland (when mist is present). Thestus can toggle the mist in exchange for Glimpses.

Shrine of Ash

  • Some doors are locked, and opened from the other side.
  • Chest and Inscrption can be found on lower level of the Sanctum of Flame.
  • Drink the Nektar to be transported to boss arena.
  • Areas change slightly after defeating Imrod, the Unrepentant. (Areas blocked, more enemies, previously locked doors can be opened revealing shortcuts back to Fallgrim.

Crypt of Martyrs

  • Door by second Genessa opens from the other side.
  • There is a small drop into the Enslaved Grisha fight which you cannot return until defeating the end boss.
  • This dungeon has hidden inscriptions (see legend). Hit the wall to reveal them and you’ll also receive a Glimpse of Wisdom.
  • The dungeon changes slightly after defeating the end boss. On your way out, stick to the main stars up and you can find the following newly placed items:

x1 Remnant of Tar
x1 Congealed Tar
x1 Slurry of Tar

Seat of Infinity

Eternal Narthex

  • Activate the 3 Levers to access the Dim Gate.
  • Warp points only have 1 destination and can be used either way.
  • Lots of side nooks amongst the innumerable columns, most lead to nothing.
  • Warp point with the shortest traverse distance can be reached by dropping below the main ground level.⠀

Dim Gate

  • This area is quite vertical, which was a challenge to design a top down view. There’s a spiraling accent which is very straight-forward, I didn’t map the whole thing because the only items are up top.
  • You can see the faint blueprints of lower levels and how they fit together as a whole.

Dim Gate / Shifting Archives

  • Chest with difficult drop. Recommend Eredrim Vessel (10/10 durability).
  • Shifting Archives is the last big room. Drink the Nektar to challenge the Boss and the Gland will appear afterwards.
  • Area will change on your way out. Warps are now in position.
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