Monster Hunter: World – Tips for Noobs

Best Tips for Beginners

Don’t use the Defender weapons and armor!* And be patient, it will take some time to learn, but it’s very rewarding. When fighting a strong monster, watch what its most dangerous attacks are and try to evade them, while looking for an opportunity to attack without getting hit (too much).

* The game does not explain, but the Defender weapons and armor are extremely overpowered Items to skip the main game, to get to the expansion content.

A big part of the fun in the game is to collect materials through fighting monsters so you can craft better equipment so you can fight stronger monsters to collect better materials etc., while learning to use the weapons and other items strategically.

The Defender sets lets you bypass everything that is fun and also prevents you from learning the mechanics. And after you bypassed everything, you’re dropped in high level with wrong knowledge how to use your eqipment and will likely get frustrated why suddenly its not enough anymore to flail around.

Set camera distance to “far”. Set camera speed to either fast or very fast. Monsters will become way faster later on in the game and this will help you keep track of them.

You can restock (or unload!) items and change equipment in the yellow tent during missions. Set up a few inventory presets for easy restocking or loot dumping.

Don’t get accustomed to Earplugs. It’s always better to either roll, block or counter a roar. Anti-Stun is pretty nice tho but there is a palico gadget which you can unlock pretty early on that can give you stun res too¬†coral cheerbongos. Also prioritise affinity over attack boost.

The best character build is not dying. Focus heavily on defensive upgrades:

  • Health boost
  • Fast drinking
  • Divine blessing
  • Monster element resistance
  • Etc.

Before touching a single offense upgrade. Switch over to riskier, more aggressive builds as you gain confidence.

Try every weapon. Great jagras is your punching bag. Which ever weapon you arecomfortable with just go with that one. Whenever the weapon feels like you’re not struggling to hit the monster, that’s your prefer weapon.

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