Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten – Extra Boss List (with Locations)

List of Extra Bosses

Saie-Ruke x6

  • Unlock location: Merchant in Ennakamuy
  • Boss Location: Center of Honolo Plains, south of the save

Gasahnagui, Kugutsu-somukami x2, Netami Nuguikami x2

  • Unlock location: Merchant at Rumoy pass
  • Boss Location: Penninsula east of first Raven Trial

Martial Artist

  • Unlock location: Merchant at Ikkeuru Highway
  • Boss Location: Up on the hill to the south where the bird was

Kemura Tokkoro

  • Unlock location: Merchant near Capital
  • Boss Location: Deep in the forest, near the 2nd quest spot

Forbidden Scroll

  • Unlock location: Talk to Woshis in the captial near merchant
  • Boss Location: By the highway rest spot, in the danger area to the west


  • Unlock location: Woman in Yaisal Forest
  • Boss Location: Where Plant Boss was


  • Unlock location: Kid in Ashiwara
  • Boss Location: Giant Shark, South on Ancestrial Island


  • Unlock location: Talk to Nekone in Ennakamuy
  • Boss Location: Tabar Cave, Depths


  • Unlock location: Outside Izumo after Final Raven Trial
  • Boss Location: Giant worm jumping around in the desert

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