Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 – Useful Bully Tips

Tips to Bully

  • Pick a suitable MS type for your play style.
    • Support types: big damage, slow reload and kinda squish. Weak against Raider.
    • Misconception: it’s for long range fight only. No it’s not. pick a support with 2 weapon especially with 2 stagger capability like the zaku 1 sniper and don’t stay too far at the back line.
    • Combat: hit with the rocket but aim low at ground to stagger using explosion, then switch to your main and hit the legs. most can one shot the legs if you hit properly with rocket.
    • Tactics: stick with a general type, follow behind them and provide support fire but not too far behind. and Don’t bother using scope.
  • Raiders: Melee focus, MS skill dependent. Weak against General Types.
    • Misconception: have to focus on down hitting opponent. you can use range weapon to stagger enemy and in 1v X situations, you gotta run but don’t shy on using range weapons
    • Combat: Most raider have multiple melee weapons. if you have more than 1 then find the fastest “equip” time and use the slower ones first. stagger using any available range weapon, charge in and hit 3 times with the melee combo with down strike as your last one then, quickly dash and swap to your faster equip time melee and hit 2 more times. Rinse and repeat. Trick with playing raider is that you have to check your MS skills and really learn what’s their specialty like Stealth, or impact resist.
    • Tactics: detach from group if you have stealth. if you don’t then stick close to walls so that you don’t get blindsided. Don’t focus on one enemy if 1vX, downstrike them if you can, if not, stagger and run opposite side, circle back and annoy enemy. the stat “diversion in the finish section is there for this reason.
  • General: balance type, reliant on Custom parts to match your playstyle.
    • Misconception: cannon fodder. can’t do decent damage unless fighting raider. Nah bro.
    • Combat: General type have more ammo than most, so it’s best if you shoot and swap weapons in a fight. Stick alot of resists and you can go banana on most MS even support types.
    • Tactics: dog fight. keep cycling weapon and try to melee with 2 combo and down strike on the last one. nothing hard with this one, but its the custom part that you need to focus on for these types. try the auto part assignment if you can’t figure it out.

Lastly when in fight, know your role and targets, but help your team mates in a fight. It’s a team game so sticking together mostly win fights. If you’re getting spawn camp, try asking for team to deploy together, and 1 unit need to break the encirclement and pull enemy from base. if their backs are turned, then your team mate can finish them.

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