Minion Masters – Tips to Deal with Swarms

How to Deal with Swarms

U can try Daggerfall, big aoe spell with low damage, good against low health swarm’s.

For unit’s is crystal arcanist a cheap good aoe unit that can hit flyers.

There are plenty of other option’s like Shock rock or annihilator etc, most of the spells that hit air work and so do unit’s that fly themself or have range.

Other way

  • vs Ground: Grenadier, Whirly Scrat, Fire Imp.
  • vs Air: Crystal Arcanist, Daggerfall, Blastmancer, Annihilator.
  • Situational: Wheel of Doom, Grasping Thorns, Chisma Boomstick, Wreckinator, Fergus.

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