Midnight Ghost Hunt – How to Actually Escape Hunters?

How to Escape

If you want to have an escape play style, try running the Spirit Ability and Perception Perk.

Perception should allow you to see where they are at most times, and when found your best bet is to escape vertically and hope they don’t have someone with a grappling hook or harpoon.

Another little tip is possess something really big like a fridge or a table, then run it into a doorway and spirit out of it, blocking doorways like this can really slow them down.


  1. I like to run quick recharge and try to hide in small items in high places. If they have someone good with a harpoon, you can usually make them miss if you’re in something small enough, and with quick recharge, if you time it right, you can essentially double jump mid air and go loooooongggg distances.

    Once you’ve broken sight lines, immediately possess something else and they’ll run right past you.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Nothing is guaranteed, and if they have a bullseye with the harpoon or good trap placement, you’re boned.

  2. it’s very much dependant on the situation. If you’re stuck in a corner or pop out and clip into an object, yeah yer usually hosed.

    In most other situations get use to forcing the hunters to play whack a mole, in a prop rich area you can fling yourself around rather quickly and safely. The exception being if they throw explosives into the area then it’s less whack a mole as it is nuke the mole.

    If there’s not alot of props around get use to charging up your prop throw ability, along with random running, jumping and what not once that’s charged just toss your prop to another floor. Then run like your sheet is on fire.

    Then there’s your abilities. If you find yourself dying whenever you try to get aggressive or find your juking subpar invest in getting the death grip or miasma abilities. One can root a pursuer in place the other is a damaging smoke screen.

  3. You can escape, but it relies on a variety of things like the level of skill on the enemy team, how observant they are, and how good you are at juking / dodging

    i usually die once found too, but every now and then i do pull off an escape, usually by swapping objects rapidly. You can get abilities that help, like Apparaition or Miasma.

    If you drop a miasma, and run, you can try to hide again…OR you can drop miasma and stay put, and they will THINK you ran because everyone usually runs after using Miasma and they’ll take off to go ‘find you’

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