Tips for Newcomers

There is no “correct” way to play this game. It’s all a matter of your level of ambition and degree of curiosity.

You get rewarded when sneaking – quite handsomely so – PERFECT STEALTH, NO KILLS. And you get penalized when going “pew-pew” – because of COMBAT ALERTS.

In most missions, you go slow and clear MISSION TASKS, or you go quick for an S-rank. When you’ve upgraded your gear – and your skills – you’ll find you can actually do both in the same run.

Until D-Dog becomes available as your buddy, you’re at a massive disadvantage in terms of stealth. Just clear those early missions as best as you can and return for a replay with D-Dog later on.

Try to finish all Afghanistan Missions (Missions 1 to 12) – no matter how – and then replay the game from Mission 1; it’ll be a totally different experience.

And do yourself a favour and clear Side Ops: They can be a tedious grind, but they will allow you to experiment with tactics without penalties.

And remember this: Sand storms are your friends. Empty magazines are your friends. D-Horse can also be used as a decoy, a place to hide, a place to put a stunned enemy, and as a road block. Look for dumpsters and portable toilets to put stunned enemies so that they don’t get found. Going in at night time early in the game isn’t necessarily a smart thing – you’re new to the game and now you can’t see a damn thing.

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