Meet Your Maker – Tips for New Players

Tips for Newcomers

  • Be adaptable with your loadout don’t get stuck on only one loadout and say a level is impossible when all you needed to do was use the crossbow or shield (default loadout is pretty versatile once the volt and fury are maxed).
  • Stock up on hardware I often see people going into missions with no grenades and they can make all the difference.
  • If you grapple jump keep your momentum by staying in the air and stay in a mostly straight line for max speed also if you hit the ceiling or wall you will also lose the momentum you get.
  • The abandon map button will be grayed out on the nav table until you try and die on a level (or so I have heard).
  • Dont be afraid to die (ranking system is ass anyway). Sometimes the only way too look into a room is to run into the center die and look around to find the path and verify trap groups that need to get naded.
  • For leaning I put mine on mouse buttons so I can move more freely without tieing up my fingers. Or set it to toggle. You can also lean your hitbox into traps so watch when leaning around fire.
  • For building all I got is stagger your enforcers shots by giving some rapid fire mod and leave the rest without it. Some people will think they can parry them, block two then die to the others. This literally tripled the amount of kills they got.

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