Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Gameplay Tips

Some Gameplay Tips from Lead Designer

  1. Bring every hero on a mission at least once to unlock their research projects in the Forge! Each hero has a mini tech tree and their first research is revealed once they go on any mission. Complete that first project to see the rest!
  2. Heroes will earn a small friendship boost by going on combat missions with the Hunter. If the Hunter isn’t on the mission…well, it’s hard to become better friends with someone who isn’t there!
  3. A Gamma Coil’s hero ability cards will always match the heroes who went on the mission which rewarded it. (The associated hero icons will appear in the tooltip when hovering over the Coil.) If you’re looking to get cards for a specific hero, bring them on missions!
  4. Once a hero has gone on enough missions, non-upgraded modded cards can start appearing for them in Gamma Coils. These modded cards can still be upgraded; they require more Essence, but do not require a duplicate card.
  5. A mod can be salvaged off of a card for a small amount of Essence. This removes the mod but doesn’t salvage the full card. This can be useful if you have a modded card but want to use it as a duplicate for an upgrade.
  6. Combat Items can be salvaged too! Opening Arcane Chests can be a great way to discover & collect new Combat Items.
  7. Using all steps of a Chain ability which applies a status effect against a single target will stack the effect! Each “chain” in the attack counts separately. For example, using Blade’s “Strike” with Chain 2 + Apply 2 Bleed on one target will result in them having 4 Bleed.
  8. The Library is an excellent source of Arcane Knowledge. Read the new books every day to get quick boosts toward your next Arcane Level. You can tell a book is new if the interact tooltip has a gold border and star around it.
  9. Beating the game unlocks two new modes! Endgame is continued play with same Hunter and adds high level general missions with customization option rewards. New Game+ restarts the story with a new Hunter, but carries over hero roster, friendship levels, & customization unlocks.
  10. The maximum level heroes can reach by training in the THREAT Room will rise over time so the max matches the highest hero level on your roster. The mission description text sorta implies the max level is locked – It’s not, it will scale as your heroes level up!

Bonus Tip: It’s been said before but always worth repeating – Pet Charlie every day! She’s a good doggo and gives treats for pets (Credits, Gloss, etc). Pet her enough and her friendship level with the Hunter will increase, improving her treats AND upgrading her combat abilities!

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