Magic Research 2 – Study Guide

Study Guide for MR2

What is This Guide? 

This guide is how you can max out your Experience gain through advanced Study techniques.

This will allow any run to make a minimum 10.1B exp/s research speed, and 1.09T research every 13s extra thanks to TimeWarp (Study).

Higher numbers are achievable if using Time and/or Mind as a Primary School under Sage Class, or under Student Class with any primary.


Before you can use the advanced techniques, it is required that you complete the pilgrimages of Time, Mind and Electric for the synchro bonuses. It is recommended to also complete the Clean Sewer Dimension storyline, all four Transmutation Prayer storylines, the Missing Pages storyline, the Lasting Skill storyline, the Blessed Land storyline and the Divine Combination storyline, as well as having the Boosting Lamp and the Space element unlocked.

The Build



Snake Staff (Requires Mind Lv 29, or as a drop from Psion Cobras with 1 in 200 odds) – At +15, gives +75% to Mind Spells


Robe of Time Wizardry (Requires Time Lv 36) – At +15, gives +63% to Time Spells


  • Bell of Time (Requires Time Lv 72)
  • Gloves of Spell Strength (Requires Death Lv 61)
  • Synergiser (Requires Space Lv 49) – At +15, gives +63% boost to most effects of Hand and Body Equipment (Snake Staff’s Mind Spell bonus increases to +150%, Robe of Time Wizardry’s Time Spell bonus increases to +102%)
  • Ring of Mental Exertion (Requires Mind Lv 15) as an early option – At +15, gives +63% extra Element XP

Synchro Board


Note: layout can be mirrored and/or rotated, just as long as the Mind and Electric don’t touch each other


Vat #Vat SpellVat Prism/JewelGem EffectCost for Vat
1Time Warp Study
(Requires Time Lv 43)
AirCooldown –10k Gold, 12k Air
2ElectricCooldown -. Power +, Mana ++60k Gold, 72k Air
3Enchant Experience Catalysts
(Requires Mind Lv 2x)
Poison Power +, Duration –360k Gold, 432k Air
4HolyPower +, WP Usage ++2.16M Gold, 2.60M Air
5Hypercharge Catalysts
(Requires Electric Lv 43)
LifePower +13.0M Gold, 15.6M Air
6DeathPower +, Mana +77.8M Gold, 93.4M Air
7Time Contraction
(Requires Time Lv 43)
(Enhanced at Time Lv 65)
TimeDuration +, Mana +467M Gold, 560M Air
8EarthDuration +2.80B Gold, 3.36B Air

Note: Depending on your Primary Elements, you may be able to change out certain elements for better options.

Spell Costs:

SpellBase CostCost With PrismsCost With Jewels
Time Warp Study6k Mana, 90WP20s Cooldown24k Mana, 810WP16.2s Cooldown42k Mana, 2240WP13.6s Cooldown
Enchant Experience Catalysts
(Burns 50k +2% Electric/s)
1.5k Mana, 60WP20s Effect1.5k Mana, 1260WP10s Effect 1.5k Mana, 3900WP5s Effect
Hypercharge Catalysts6k Mana, 60WP20s Effect 24k Mana, 540WP20s Effect40k Mana, 1450WP20s Effect
Time Contraction

Time Contraction+
1k Mana, 60WP20s Effect

8x Mana4x Effect Time
3k Mana, 7540WP50s Effect

24k Mana, 540WP200s Effect

I hope you found this useful!

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