Lust Goddess – Beginners Guide: Basics and Economy

The purpose of this guide is to warn the beginner against making investments that he will regret later. All advice is advisory in nature and is the author’s opinion.

Guide for New Players


The game has a strategic planning mechanic, which means that any consumables that the player receives should not be picked up immediately, but when the appropriate task is available, this is the golden rule).

After completing the tutorial, the player is offered a stripped down version of an event with 3 mercenaries. This event should be passed insofar as the resources to pass it with the highest probability will not be enough. It is desirable, but not necessary, to get from this event mercenary Regina, it will help in the further development of the account, to a certain league.

Guides on the passage of such events are already available, so here I will only remind of the golden rule – for all events should be prepared, leaving the various rewards for later, as it is desirable to perform them in parallel with other mini-events. (In order to be as efficient as possible, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the schedule of events and memorize it).

Economy of the Game

The game has an abundance of donation offers, which at first glance may seem interesting. It is important to realize that most of these offers involve shortening the path to getting this or that plushie, which eventually grinds (often much faster than it seems). The core of gameplay is grind. Donating to skip grind is skipping gameplay. Based on this simple formula, I categorically do not recommend buying any packs and offers, including event packs.

The best (but not mandatory) investment you can make to an f2p player is to buy chest slots in the league (golden rule – during an event, such as mercenary selection roulette).

  • If periodic donation takes place, you can buy emericks packs that drop once a day for a month, but it’s not necessary.
  • If you are going to become a whale and the main point of the game for you promotion to the top, this does not concern you.

About Emerixes

I don’t recommend spending them ever on summons, or on events where there are quests to spend them. I would recommend saving up until the emergence of commanders that cost 5k emericks each and buying them. Free summoning tickets I would recommend saving up and spending them on events where you can’t do without summoning and only that way.

In a month the game offers us, if you do not count achievements (of which the normal income emericks for grind bring only achievements for victories and for kills):

In the transaction section

  • Daily 25×30=750
  • Weekly 50×4=200
  • Monthly 100
  • Total 1050.

As it turns out, not all players have this section, so if you don’t, suffer.

  • There are two mercenary level up events per month, you can earn 900 emi on each, total 1800.
  • Quests bring 30 per day, total 900 per month and 100×4 total 400 per week.
  • Battle pass brings differently, my current one is 450.
  • That’s a total of 4600.

I would recommend to have a reserve of 5-10k, and the surplus to spend on more effective closing tasks in the events, or if very lucky to knock out a lot of chips and there is a chance to close the content without donation.

In Conclusion

I would like to add that when playing on Nutaku can play with pc, browser and phone, as well as get donate currency for free in the neighborhood of 150 per month and 200 for confirming mail at the start, where 100 is 1 dollar. Steam version has no advantages at all.

Have a good game everyone.

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