Lust Goddess – 3 Girls Event: How to Finish It with Average Luck

Hello everyone, 3 girls event is currently the most exciting event but it’s not easy. Here is how I finished it with average luck and saved resources, hope it help.

Guide to Finish 3 Girls Event with Average Luck


  • 74k tokens and 3 saved bonus roulettes.

What I had

  • League 10
  • 7 crate slots
  • Hard play – open all crates ~8 times/day
  • 12 tickets + 2100 emers (all spent)


Got 74k in 5 days:

  • 36k from quests
  • 15k from lucky bonus (3/14 leg spins, 0/1 bonus spin. So it’s AVERAGE luck)
  • 23k from Bosses and crates :
    Crates(hard play) ~2200/day
    Bosses(no buying attempt) ~2300/day

What I’ve done with hard quests

  • Spend 200: 360 on excess crates
  • Spend 500: 540 on excess crates (failure to get all 3 epics made do this quest)
  • 1 leg crate: battle pass
  • 360 leg shards: battle pass + summoning milestone reward
  • 30k tokens: SKIPPED
  • 20x summon: 10 tickets + 1200 emers


  • I can still reach target with 10k lucky tokens. But 5k or less will be disater
  • Difference of total income base on crate slots: ~1800/slot
  • League lvl is important, it makes quests easier for you (getting shard, reaching lvl,…). Recommendation is league 12+
  • That was my normal battle pass, I used up all 3 leg crates this event. Next time I will need to save some leg crates
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