Lunacid – Maps (Items, Quests, Secrets, POI)

16 maps detailing each location, item, task, and secret in the game at the moment.

These maps currently just list the objects, mysteries, and missions. There are currently no lore notes visible. However, since these maps show how to get to hidden locations and objects organically, it is feasible to follow a constrained walkthrough using just these.

Note: These awesome maps were created by Boreal.

Wing’s Rest

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Hollow Basin

Fetid Mire

The Sanguine Sea

Accursed Tomb

Yosei Forest

Forest Canopy

Forbidden Archives

Laetus Chasm

Great Well Surface

Castle Le Fanu

Throne Chamber

Sealed Ballroom

Boiling Grotto

Tower of Abyss

Bonus – Interconnections

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