Lost Horizon 2 – Stone Rings Puzzle

Stone Rings Puzzle Explanation

Chapter 5: I solved the puzzle on my own, but I didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind it. No walkthrough guide explain how to do it, they just show the right position of the rings (but even the game tells you that in the walkthrough section). So has anyone solved it logically? I fear the developers might have made a mistake (see explanation below)

  • Scale Symbol: This is the easiest, Alaric the Righteous has a totally different glyph.
  • Lion Symbol: Gareth the Brave has different columns from the other crypts.
  • Cross Symbol: Tiras the Penitent has 2 steps in its stairs, the others have 3.
  • Book / Rose Symbol: I found no clue on how to position them. I solved the puzzle because at this point only 2 positions where possible.

I noticed Perceval (the Rose) has a rotated glyph in the notebook’s drawing, but the missing crypts have the standard glyph. And also his statue on the pillars has a normal glyph. This is why I think there might be a graphic mistake on the notebook or the crypt artworks (or both). Am I missing other clues?

Puzzle Solution

From inner to outer they should be:

  • Book: Northwest (Chadwick)
  • Cross: West (Tiras)
  • Scales: North (Alaric)
  • Rose: East (Rosa)
  • Lion: Northeast (Leo)

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