Lootun – Chain Lightning + Demonic Spaulder Build Guide

Chain Lightning + Demonic Spaulder Build and Tips

This is a single target DPS build for multi-target raids. Trying this in a single potential target raid will see a drop of something like 70% DPS.

Raids introduced these unique shoulders to the game with patch 0.9. They focus area damage onto a single target making for some great single target damage. Multiple potential targets on the field are needed for the shoulders to work.

Chain Lightning was picked out for its high weapon damage multiplier. With the Chain Strength passive, CL will do 80% + 70% + 60% hits for a total of 210% weapon damage to your main target.

Dispersion is picked to maximize CL damage. Arcane Torrent can still proc Echo for the other Vizier passives. Barb relic is used for more damage which works in combination with the Censure belt enchant.

Gem priorities are attack speed, lightning damage, damage, defensive stat.

Chart breakdown from a heroic Orc Vizier fight. Gear is all overloaded.

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