Limbus Company – N Corp Sinclair Tips

Tips for N Corp Sinclair

  • You will Never Fear Get E.G.O corrosions , if N corp Sinclair not equip any Gacha E.G.O.
  • Just Equip default E.G.O Skill and let him Uga Bunga anytime you want with any team comp.
  • Never Fear He will go E.G.O Corrosion, Because it will never happen & the fact when he losing coin flip actually still can win clash because his Clash Power too powerfull even get Tails.
  • You even can use him as Core Burn Team N corp sinclair + liu section Gregor + liu sections Meursault + Liu Section Honglu.
  • You don’t need to equip ego for Sinclair, he him self already too powerfull.
  • Other major oversight is: he actually can recover sanity faster without N corp Faust, because he win clash and gain sanity each kill by him self.

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