LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game – Cheat Codes

In this quick tutorial, you can find the most common and useful cheat codes for the LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video game. This information is for those who just wanna cheat, but remember to do backup of your saves.

Where to Enter Cheat Codes

The following cheats can be entered from the pause menu by going to the “Enter Code” option. See the screenshot below.

Cheat Codes

Character Codes

  • Jay (High School) – XVTULS
  • Cole (High School) – SMMNCC
  • Kai (High School) – 2WYU16
  • Kai (Training) – 2W9UFG
  • Zane (High School) – 5NHRS5
  • Nya (Ceremonial Robes) – 8755Q9
  • Lloyd (Kendo) – H7HGT3
  • Lloyd (Hoodie) – D9TZ39
  • Garmadon (Pajamas) – LLPQ6X
  • Shark Army General #1 – 9R37MR
  • General #1 – EFZ2XR
  • Hot Dog Man – 733FW8
  • IT Bat Nerd – BFJPNE
  • Koko – 326CG6
  • Master Wu – 5AGF4Y
  • Sushi Chef – KU92UG

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