Legends Reborn: Age of Chance – Heroes / Cards


Hero Cards

Living ArmorGrant team Shield
Natural RegenerationGrant team Regen and Immunity
Cleansing RootsGrant team full Relief
Grievous BlowGrant Area 150% Attack Spike and 150% Magic Spike
Rallying CryGrant team 100% Attack Spike and 100% Magic Spike


Hero Cards

Subduing ShoutInflict team 5% Weaken Strength and 5% Weaken Magic. Inflict team Break Defense and Break Resistance for 3 turns
Flame WhipTrigger Area Attack that inflicts 15% Burn
Siphoning StrikeGrant 40 Energy Siphon
Petrifying GazeInflict team Paralyze
Shadow’s EmbraceGrant Area Evasion

Dark Knight

Hero Cards

Brimstone BarricadeGrant team Flame Armor
Winter WallGrant team Frost Armor
Writhing BulwarkGrant team Parisitic Armor
Blinding ShieldwallGrant team Radiant Armor
Nightmare PhalanxGrant team Void Armor


Hero Cards

WellspringGrant 70 Energy
The Land ResistsGrant 25 Energy for each enemy creature on the board
Natural SelectionGrant Area full Relief and draw 2 cards from target friendly creature
InvigorateGrant team Regen and draw 2 cards from target friendly creature
Weather the StormGrant team Thorn Armor and draw 2 cards from target friendly creature


Hero Cards

As OneTrigger Triple Team Attack x3
All Together NowGrant team Adrenaline and trigger team Attack
Full MeasureTrigger Attack x6
Call of Red RainGrant Area 100% Attack Spike, 15% Attack Boost, 50% Vampiric, and Berserk
Butcher’s ChallengeGrant Area 25% Attack Boost, Counterattack, and Taunt


Hero Cards

Death and TaxesInflict Area 15% Poison and Energy Bleed
Compounding InterestInflict Team 5% Plague
RepossessionInflict Team Expunge x3 and Card Block
Frozen AssetsInflict Team Freeze and Paralyze
Increased LiabilityInflict Berserk, Cripple, 25% Weaken Strength, and 25% Weaken Magic


Hero Cards

AmbushTrigger Hybrid Attack x2 that grants Evasion and Pinpoint
Assassin’s MarkInflict team Marked for 4 turns and 25% Poison
Concussive AssaultTrigger Attack x4 that inflicts Blind and Cripple
Scent of DeathGrant team Pinpoint and 20% Attack Boost
Executioner’s ClarityGrant Area Evasion and Pinpoint
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