Legends Reborn: Age of Chance – All Cards

In this quick guide you will find a description of all the cards and their cost in the Legends Reborn: Age of Chance game.

All Cards

NameDescriptionEnergy CostClass
IgnitionInflict 15% Burn2Enchanter
The Devil’s WhipTrigger Attack that inflicts 10% Burn4Enchanter
Patience and FocusGrant Counterattack1Enchanter
Ice StormInflict Freeze2Enchanter
Saint’s ResolveTrigger Magic Attack2Enchanter
Frost BurnTrigger Direct Damage Blast for 15% enemy HP that inflicts Freeze3Enchanter
Ice WaveTrigger Magic Attack that inflicts Freeze4Enchanter
Righteous HammerTrigger Magic Attack x24Enchanter
Arcane VengeanceGrant Magic Counterattack1Enchanter
Brain FreezeInflict Mindless and Freeze4Enchanter
Intimidating GlanceInflict Nervous for 3 turns1Healer
ShatterInflict Weaken Strength 15%1Healer
Guardian ShellGrant Shield3Healer
Spirit of the PhoenixGrant 40% Auto Revive4Healer
Soothing TouchHeal 20% HP2Healer
Chancellor’s HaloGrant Relief1Healer
Giant in the DistanceInflict Area Nervous for 3 turns2Healer
Fresh for CombatHeal 10% HP and trigger Attack4Healer
Healing HandHeal 40% HP4Healer
Soothing BeverageGrant Relief x22Healer
Mystic’s PreservationGrant Shield and trigger Magic Attack5Healer
Tiger’s MealInflict Cripple1Illusionist
TerrifiedInflict Card Block1Illusionist
Animal TendenciesInflict Berserk1Illusionist
Altered StateInflict Confuse1Illusionist
Blinding HexInflict Blind2Illusionist
Target the LegsInflict Area Cripple3Illusionist
EyeshotTrigger Attack that inflicts Blind4Illusionist
Sweeping DarknessTrigger Magic Attack that inflicts Blind4Illusionist
Sudden BlinkGrants Evasion but inflicts Confuse2Illusionist
Illusory FireTrigger Direct Damage Blast for 15% Enemy HP that inflicts 15% Burn4Illusionist
CounterInflict Paralyze and Mindless3Illusionist
Call of the DragonGrant 75% Attack Spike1Rogue
Dragon’s FuryTrigger Hybrid Attack2Rogue
Creeping DemiseInflict 15% Poison2Rogue
Incessant GrudgeTrigger Magic Attack that inflicts 15% Poison4Rogue
Ranger’s GlareGrant Pinpoint1Rogue
The Rush of PowerGrant 125% Attack Spike2Rogue
EnlargementGrant 50% Attack Spike for every Positive Effect on this creature2Rogue
TransitionGrant 1 Energy Siphon1Rogue
Mask of the GraveGrant 75% Magic Spike1Rogue
Scepter of the NixGrant 50% Magic Spike for every enemy on the board3Rogue
Malignant BogGrant Parasitic Armor2Shadow
Dangerous StingerInflict Energy Bleed3Shadow
WitherInflict Weaken Magic 15%1Shadow
Marked for AssaultInflict Marked for 3 turns1Shadow
HideGrant Evasion2Shadow
Thirst of the NightwalkerGrant 50% Vampiric1Shadow
Blood BrothersGrant Area 50% Vampiric3Shadow
Venomous BathGrant Parasitic Armor and trigger Attack4Shadow
Seed of the NightGrant Evasion and trigger Attack4Shadow
Maddening IllusionsGrant Evasion and trigger Magic Attack4Shadow
Blood SaturationGrant 50% Vampiric for every Negative Effect on this creature2Shadow
Bleed the LeylinesGrant Resistance Boost for 2 Turns, but also inflict Weaken Magic 15%.0Shadow
WrathGrant Thorn Armor2Shaman
Death RollGrant Thorn Armor and trigger Attack4Shaman
Hold the LineGrant Area Thorn Armor6Shaman
Arcane Battle ProwessTrigger Area Magic Attack3Shaman
Delicious FruitsHeal 10% HP and Grant Regen3Shaman
Mending of WhutekhArea Heal 5% HP and Grant Area Regen6Shaman
Batten DownGrant Defense Boost for 2 turns and Regen3Shaman
Parasitic WallGrant Parasitic Armor and Shield5Shaman
Tome of DivinityGrant 1 Energy for each of your creatures on the board1Shaman
Barbed CocoonGrant Regen and Thorn Armor4Shaman
Dragon’s ThreatInflict Paralyze1Skirmisher
Magistrate’s HammerInflict Expunge1Skirmisher
At What CostGrant Adrenaline, but also inflict 10% Burn0Skirmisher
Unexpected TreacheryGrant Ignore Defense1Skirmisher
Flame DiscipleGrant Flame Armor2Skirmisher
Squad of GuardiansTrigger Area Attack3Skirmisher
Survey the BattlefieldGrant Ignore Resistance1Skirmisher
HypnotizeTrigger Magic Attack that inflicts Paralyze3Skirmisher
Judge’s ExpertiseInflict Expunge x22Skirmisher
Melting SpikesGrant Ignore Defense and trigger Attack2Skirmisher
Nothing FaceGrant Ignore Resistance and trigger Magic Attack2Skirmisher
Magical ChargeTrigger Magic Attack1Spellweaver
Arcane SmiteTrigger Direct Damage Blast for 25% enemy HP4Spellweaver
Benevolent PactChoose one of your creatures and draw 1 card1Spellweaver
Intelligent MachineGrant 30% Magic Boost1Spellweaver
The UnknownGrant Void Armor2Spellweaver
Magical AssaultTrigger Magic Attack x23Spellweaver
Walking Dead ManTrigger Magic Attack x1 for every Negative Effect on this creature2Spellweaver
Corporeal SmiteTrigger Area Direct Damage Blast for 15% enemy HP5Spellweaver
No ProtectionInflict Break Resistance1Spellweaver
Kraken’s SurgeTrigger Magic Attack that inflicts Break Resistance1Spellweaver
Inhalation of EssenceTrigger Magic Attack that inflicts Expunge2Spellweaver
Armor of DarknessGrant Double Team Void Armor4Spellweaver
Duty and HonorGrant Taunt2Warden
Taboo PreyGrant Immunity2Warden
FearlessGrant Defense Boost for 2 turns1Warden
Celestial CitadelGrant Resistance Boost for 2 turns1Warden
The General’s AggressionGrant Taunt and trigger Attack3Warden
Prohibited GameGrant Area Immunity6Warden
Forbidden BlowGrant Immunity and trigger Magic Attack4Warden
Sacred ZealGrant Radiant Armor and trigger a Magic Attack4Warden
The Serpent’s WarmthGrant Area Defense Boost for 2 turns2Warden
The Serpent’s WatchGrant Area Resistance Boost for 2 turns2Warden
Battle SistersTrigger Double Team Attack3Warden
The Righteous InfantryTrigger Triple Team Attack4Warden
Commander of WarGrant Area Taunt6Warden
BashTrigger Attack1Warrior
Inspirational SymbolismGrant Adrenaline2Warrior
Exhilarating HeroGrant Area Adrenaline4Warrior
TrampleGrant 30% Attack Boost1Warrior
Arctic EmbraceGrant Frost Armor2Warrior
BlitzTrigger Attack x23Warrior
Enraged AnimalTrigger Attack x1 for every Negative Effect on this creature2Warrior
Encouraging ComradesGrant Adrenaline and trigger Attack4Warrior
Archaic AphidInflict Break Defense for 2 turns1Warrior
Arrow for a KneeTrigger Attack that inflicts Break Defense for 2 turns2Warrior
Reckless ChargeTrigger attack, but inflicts mindless on the attaker0Warrior
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