Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Printer Maintenance Challenge Guide

How to Complete Printer Maintenance

Best Gem Upgrades

  • BLC Coins x3
  • More Seeds
  • Offline Profits +750%
  • Buy Borb Taxi Ltd.

Not having printers is in most cases not that big a problem, it’s less of a restriction than no pets, so you may be wondering why it’s below and thus harder than Petless. The biggest reason is needing to reach floor 20 in the Leaf Tower from a fresh save.

For the most part you’ll do the challenge the same as Petless – There is some more focus on piling because of no printer printers though – There will be a difference starting at Silicon Leaves.

Silicon and Benitoite Leaves

After reaching Leafsink Harbor you’ll want to pile Silicon Leaves with max possible combo before unlocking Benitoite Leaves, that way you can afford those seeds without a trade. After maxing out Silicons, you’ll want to start crunching for tower, make sure to do this in the Volcano since you’ll get at least 1 Orb during your crunching.


The upgrades you will want to buy somewhat depend on your total crunches, but assuming you followed the route so far you should have about 300 crunches.

The best path in that case for tower is to manually play until you have enough Gold Tokens for Tower ALBs, then make sure your ALBs consistently beat floor 10, but don’t get much further so you can afk grind to 500 Gold Tokens as fast as possible for the flat damage upgrades. Once you’re able to afford flat Gold damage, purchase as many % silver upgrades and you should be able to finish the challenge.

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