Last Year – Tips for Dealing with Good Classmates


  • Focus on camping the objective; not on killing classmates.
  • Traps are your best friends: if you face huge pressure from assaults, back off and stay on/behind the traps.
  • Don’t let them break your traps.
  • If they did, try to keep them away from the objective; spam with your melee attacks.
  • Waste their time as much as possbile.
  • Spawn-hit-despawn: wounded classmates have to heal themselves before doing the objective/fighting you so it is always good to keep them all low hp.
  • Don’t attack a group of classmates without traps support or 100% way to escape (like, hatches on the floor), you most likely will get flashed and punched with 2 pipes and a sledgehammer right in your face.
  • If you have to choose between preventing a classmate from completing the objective or staying alive always go spoil their plans! If you are low HP it’s better to die fast cuz you aren’t tanky anymore in this state and can’t go aggressive anyways. Much worse if your death will be AFTER the objective is complete. Even if they will finish their thing after you die, it still will take them liek extra 20 seconds or even more. That’s enough to respawn and start fighting them again.

Fiend choice

Giant (best dps + tons of hp + combos like “punch, grab, throw into a corner, punch-punch” + no elemental vulnerabilities), Slasher (good mobility, powerful ability, fire resist).


The Wall (makes giant into a fullmetal tank), Deep wounds (much more damage), Trickster (3 more traps).

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