Kynseed – How to Unlock Traits on Food / Recipes

How to Unlock Traits

It is a cooked recipe, the traits show up after cooking it once. If it is a food item, like a vegetable or herb, you have to get the proverb that tells you what that item does.

There are 3 proverbs for each food item, 1 which will hint at the traits, the other 2 will hint at where or when to find.

You don’t need all three to see the traits; just the specific proverb that refers to them. Proverbs can either be found lying around the world or received as friendship gifts.

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  1. If you really want to cheat Kynseed there is but one way, and it is quite simple actually!!!

    First what you want to do is save your save called (slot1 autosave) and the backup files to a secure location as my warning should be heeded, you can lose all your progress!!

    Step 2 is to complete the prologue of the game first because for some reason editing before you do so creates a termination sequence to your save file

    Step 3 Don’t mess around with random values, just the ones mentioned, and a quick mention to the >FIND TOOL< in your word or text editor get used to it!!!

    Cheat 1) (Infinite Brass!!!) open your document after it has been saved in a different folder then look to the top of your tabs and select the find tool (Binoculars) it will prompt you to type in a criteria which will be (brasscount) then click find next or enter, notice the value is set to 0 or the amount you've made so far in-game, set that value to any amount you would like as long as you stick to it being within 8-digits, because that's just ridonculous if you add more!!! Click save (floppy disc

    Cheat 2) (BUFFED SEED-Stats and traits, open up find again and search for stamina or strength it will give you all your skills etc with yet again the similar value of 0 or 1 depends on if you played, you can change these from 0 to 20 for all skills and set stamina to 200 why? I dunno -_- it just works, note: this has nothing to do with speedmults, Click save (floppy disc)

    Cheat 3) (No Taxed death or items from Pear Weather) same story open up find type in (taxeditems) and set all taxed years and deaths to zero which means free items and revives from the Fae nifty eh! also note: that you have to remember the number of years taxed to you when Fairweather's gifts are bought, and yes you will have to repeat the copy, paste again if another year passes to gain other gifts!!! Click save (the floppy disc)

    Cheat 4) (Infinity stone of items!!!) Always wanted a boss amount of stuffed jocks? well step right up!!! Open up find and enter (Claimedloot) please note: it only works with items you've picked up, but fear not it has got nothing to do with the rating found we'll get to that shortly *o*!!! now after clicking or entering (Claimedloot) scroll down until you find <<<like that, only change the values between , up until notice there is an id for each item for eg. 933 just use it as a visual to know you’re in the right place, now go back to the count values, but notice they each go up from 1 to 5 in each row whereas we know the game works with 1 to 5 star ratings, choose the last one as you would count down 5 for the highest ratings or whichever you would choose below, it works for each item just make sure to go past the id and then enter values in the count field and when you’re done click save!!!

    I hope this helps for whoever needs it I know its not fun when the game is a struggle and walkthroughs prove tedious or unhelpful, also please note: this is for fun or other gameplay purposes, don’t ruin this great game for yourself!!!


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