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This quick guide contains a list of cheats, tips and tricks for Jagged Alliance 2 for PC. If you’ve discovered a cheat you’d like to add to the guide, or have a correction, please comment. Have fun!

How to Activate Cheats

Remember! You need the 1.06 patch or later to use these cheat codes.

To use the following codes hold Ctrl and type IGUANA (or type GABBI) at the tactical screen.


  • Plus – Increase money by $100,000.
  • Minus – Decrease money by $10,000.
  • Alt + Auto Resolve – Kill all enemies in sector.
  • Alt + Enter – Aborts Enemies turn.
  • Alt + O – 100 points of damage to all enemies in sector.
  • Alt + E – All characters and items are visible.
  • Alt + 4 – Character sits in wheelchair.
  • Alt + 5 – Character transforms into monster.
  • Alt + G – Create new character.
  • Alt + V – Create robot.
  • Alt + O – Kill all enemies in current sector.
  • Alt + K – Mustard gas explosion at pointer.
  • Alt + R – Reload selected character’s gun.
  • Alt + D – Restore selected character’s AP.
  • Alt + C – Spawn civilian at pointer.
  • Alt + B – Spawn enemy at pointer.
  • Alt + I – Spawn item at pointer.
  • Alt + T – Teleport selected character to pointer.
  • Ctrl + H – Damage character under pointer.
  • Ctrl + U – Refresh health and energy for all characters.
  • Ctrl + T – Teleport squad to sector under pointer in travel mode.
  • Space + LMB – Merc forces (away) character to join team.

Tips & Tricks

  • Go in the .ini file and turn off the drassen counterattack. Or keep it on if the thrill of taking on 50 enemy soldiers with only flak jackets and .38 specials at your disposal turns you on (it can actually be really fun and tense).
  • Lie, cheat, steal and kill your way to firearms with longer ranges as soon as possible. It is highly recommended that you hire a merc equipped with a rifle in the beginning. Bull has a Thompson and is one of the cheapest.
  • The most important attributes are Marksmanship (shoot stuff), Agility (move), Health (get shot) and Level (significantly affects everything). You will require one of the following specialists: Mechanical (repair stuff), Medical (patch up your gun wounds), Leadership (train militia, talk to people), and Explosives. There will be overlap though, so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Right-click to spend more AP points aiming to increase accuracy. Scopes increase the bonus.
  • Learn to love farmlands. Why? Because you can punch the shit out of cows and watch your Dexterity and Strength rocket.
  • Also, if you want to level up your explosives quickly, just keep setting and disarming a single mine. Save before hand, especially when your levels are low. You don’t want any accidents.
  • Try to get at least one “marksman” before you start. Lynx, Scope, Ivan and Shadow are good mercenaries. I personally prefer Lynx because he has almost top stats/level/cost ratio in the game. Seriously give him any single action sniper rifle and aim for the head. Plus he is a decent medic(at least can stop bleeding without turning people into mummies).
  • Making your own merc with high medical, mechanic, explosives stats saves you from hassle of hiring useless or just plain annoying (Trevor) for a day or two. Not advised personally since having your merc a combat monster is much more satisfying than having a heal\repair bot.
  • Flo might seem, and in fact is, useless. Though the flavor text of her being an arms dealer actually works in game. Trade using her and get %10 discount on everything you buy and get %10 more for everything you sell. Works only with weapons.
  • Some mercs start “meh” but due to their high wisdom they can improve way better than you expect from them. Danny is the prime example for this. He is a good medic but with his ridiculous wisdom he learns practically at lightning speed. He has almost maxed out agi and dex so he became a monster with medium range assault rifles later on.
  • Don’t loot anything on the hospital that doesn’t drop from enemies(especially the warehouse full of good stuff). The doctors might refuse treating you if you do so.
  • A knife toss to the head usually insta-kills anyone provided that they are not aware of you.
  • Lots of Guns option on starting screen doesn’t provide more gun drops. It just increases the variety of things you can use. You can end up having a dozen different rifles using ammo you may never see until raiding sam sites or shows up on Bobby Ray’s. Always play with Tons of Guns for maximum fun.
  • The IMP test is rather transparently gameable. I find a stealth (expert) or Stealth + Ambidextrous build to be most advantageous.
  • Bull is probably the best of the cheap mercs to start and there are is at least one occasion where a flat out tough hand to hand fighter is very useful.
  • Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow fucking get Shadow.
  • Attack at night to take advantage of your stealthers (which include Shadow).
  • Take advantage of the Mercs’ Morale synergies.
  • If you hire Mercs from AIM for the longest possible chunks when you get them (2 wks, IIRC) they do not have the option of saying no when you wish to extend their contracts.(This is not quite true. If you extend the contract before it gets into the last day or two, they should never say no. )
  • The night is your friend, even if you’re not a night ops merc or have NVGs. Avoid lit areas, have one of your guys pop a round off where you want hostiles to gather. Some maps provide you with rocks, and they’re very useful for luring hostiles in. The AI does not distinguish between lit and unlit areas, and will stroll right under a light. Even without NVGs you get a fairly nice chance to hit boost when they’re lit up. Once you get some night vision and suppressed weapons you can clear an entire town without a single alert.
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