Isle of Arrows – Tips for Merchants (How to Profit)

Tips for Merchants

In the first round of turns, don’t spend any coins on getting new tiles unless it leads to coin bags, but you should avoid picking up the coin bags anyway as they give you more the longer you wait. Focus on getting a good kill zone going in the early part. Let the coins from killing mobs build up. You won’t get coins between rounds, but each coin bag will give you as many coins as your accumulated interest. Do not waste space on frivolous projects.

If you can’t immediately profit from a move, you probably shouldn’t make it unless it will help in your long term or its worth the cost. i.e. Is it worth placing a fishing hut next to a single water tile? If there isn’t a space already available for another water tile that will benefit you because another tile with a water tile attached will fit perfectly into your plan, don’t do it. Tiles you have to completely surround are barely ever worth it unless you have spare bombs and bridges and a space already prepared for it, intentionally or otherwise.

For example, I have a statue I want to place and a blank tile to place it in, but there are two tiles of open space and now I have to question if it is worth two bridges or placing a flag in an awkward position to get 2-3 bombs (I can’t remember which it is), one of which, if I’m successful, I will want to reserve for removing the statue and replacing it with another “Surround in full” tile. It CAN be worth placing these tiles, if you have the space and planning for it, but don’t go out of your way to make it happen unless you’ve got random real estate that isn’t part of your path strategy.

On the other hand, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to spend down to nothing to get the tiles you need to survive the next round. If you just took damage for the third round in a row or you just took multiple damage in a single round, do not hesitate to spend every last penny you have to get towers up and running that will keep you alive. Money means nothing if you’re dead and the further in rounds you get, the more money the enemies drop, so don’t be afraid to spend some cash to stay alive.

This game is hard. Keep trying, keep working on unlocking stuff by any means. Practice and refine your strategy. Hope for good RNG. Good luck.

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