Insurgency: Sandstorm – Teammate Tips for Co-op

Squad Tips to Co-op

General Tips

  • Short controlled bursts. Can save you from the recoil nightmare or your teammate if you accidentally shoot them.
  • Map is your closest friend. Use it to know where your teammates and next points are.
  • Know where your enemy comes from. Mostly indicated by the red icons on the map.
  • Don’t run too much especially near objectives. Enemy can hear running and usually will start focusing that direction.
  • If objective has to be defended. Stay there and hold it. Don’t go outside and rambo.
  • You’ll block enemy from capturing it and you have the element of surprise if you stay in a small corner or room.
  • Intimidate is a good and funny tool to let you hear the enemy but risks your position.

Know Your Enemy

  • Insurgent bots have rugged, hastily put together like gear (Face covers, casual clothing etc.).
  • Security bots wear rigid and organized gear (Military camo clothing like helmets etc., mostly green).

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful. Experience comes overtime and it gets automated.

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