Insurgency: Sandstorm – Beginners Tips (Single Player)

Starter Tips for Single Players

  • The most important thing (if you’re playing alone) is: Learn to read angles of attack.
  • It can be trained quite well, but needs – as others mentioned – a certain will to get better at it and the fun of this specific kind of challenge (1-life-challenge).
  • If you move, you always check from where there’s even the possibility of an attack and you automatically neglect as much angles as possible. Example: You’re defending a position, where enemy will most probably come from your 12, but you position yourself with a small column on your left, where the entrance is (your 9), so an enemy from there won’t immediately see you. It’s the small details, but it will save your life more often than most players think.
  • The 2nd important thing (at least with this playstyle) is: Slow down. Don’t look at the scoreboard (you will automatically be best after a while) and your kills. Move methodically, always check for angles of attack, position yourself properly, check threats, move only if you have good cover in view and know what you’re doing.
  • Always assume attacks from the angles you have in view.
  • Use cover all the time. Never get out of cover without a reason. Hug walls, slice your pie, and embrace the exploit of corners. If you play against AI, corners are your friend, because bots have serious problems with it. If you play PvP, it exposes your head – so be careful about that, but still, you can get back into cover fast, if you use leaning around corners often, so even in PvP it is a good tactic.
  • This is all lone-wolf stuff, but even with teamplay (where the game begins to shine), it’s good basic training and good tactics. Teamplay then will come in handy, because you can get rid of checking all angles all the time (that’s what teammates are for) and if everybody in your team knows the first 3 tactics, you might have a lot of fun playing against even challenging odds.
  • Later you can try the gunrunning style – but it’s a lot harder and I know few players who know what they are doing and have the skills for it.
  • In my eyes, training these basic skills will automatically bring in the fun later, because at some point it really works in tactical games. Teamplaying will add to the fun a lot, specially with a person you know well.
  • You can make your granade explode faster (click LMB or RMB to prepare your throw and then click opposite mouse button to start granade timer. If you clicked LMB to prepare long throw, click RMB. If you clicked RMB to prepare short/high throw click LMB)
  • During reloading your weapon you can click R twice to make it faster (but then you gonna lose this magazine so if you reload when you still have some bullets in magazine you lose them)
  • Using ammo box also heals you.
  • Hide to building when you hear helicopter.
  • Smokes are really important when you on attacking side, so remember to inculde them in your loadout.

Yeah that some basic tips but like above was said. It’s hard to give tips that make you better. Insurgency is more like practice game. You need to know maps and other things. Just play and you will be better (probably).

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