Inkulinati – Push Mechanic Explanation

Push Mechanic: How It Works

In Short

So basically, once you push an enemy, it will land on the first empty spot available.

If, for example, there’s a barrel or a beast right behind the pushed enemy, it will land on the spot right behind it.

I highly recommend checking out the Academy, which is a tutorial covering all of the basics, including pushing. Also, if you turn on the tooltips, you can read all about which elements of the terrain are occupying a field, and which are not.

In Details

Push nocks someone to the next available spot.



If the dot all the way at the right moves to just in front of the nearest dot and pushes that dot will end up all the way next to the leftmost dot (in front of).

Now from this position


The enemy team can move forward and push the dot back to it’s next available space.


Hope this helped.

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