Inkulinati – How to Defeat Snail

Tips to Defeat Snail

General Tips

It’s not so complex at it may seem. Just don’t forget about the variety of options at your disposal. All those allow for a flexible approach. Just finished that snail tutorial myself. Cannot say I chose the most optimal strategy. But after failing a couple of times I did it. The trick is to put into use everything you know.

It’s a combination of putting your beasts and pushes along with occasional dexterity attacks and hand strikes.

Specific Tips

I had a lot of trouble with this one as well. This is how I (finally) beat it:

Turn 1: Switch immediately to Godfrey. Summon a unit directly next to the Snail (I chose a Swordsman). Move Godfrey one step to the left. Punch the Snail with ‘Swat’, and then ‘Strike’. End turn.

The Snail will then move behind your unit and swallow them whole.

Turn 2: Move your existing swordsman down next to the Snail and finish it off with an attack.

Hope this helps!

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