Industries of Titan – Mineral Level Guide (How It Works)

This short guide explains how do resource levels work.

Explanation of Mineral Levels

Each thing you build has a “CU” cost whether that’s a mineral CU or an isotope CU.

  • Level 1 Mineral equate to 1 CU.
  • Level 2 Mineral equate to 5 CU.
  • Level 3 Mineral equate to 25 CU.

So lets say you want to build an Energy Plant which costs 200 Mineral CU (we’ll ignore the isotope cost for now) So you can eitehr spend.

  • 1CU x 200 = 200 level 1 minerals.
  • 5CU x 40 = 40 Level 2 minerals.
  • 25CU x 8 = 8 Level 3 minerals.

Now if’ you’re building something small like in your example a 2 CU cost thing, then it will take.

  • 2 Level 1 minerals.
  • 1 Level 2 mineral (5 CU covers the cost of the 2CU).
  • 1 Level 3 mineral (25CU covers the cost of the 2 CU).

There’s no overflow or spill over of CU usage.

Its not super important to be that hung up that you’re using a level 3 thing to make a 2 CU item. Remember that basically otehr than the waste and time sink, a single level 1 mineral can be turned into a single level 3 mineral. Meaning you’re not really ‘wasting’ resources.

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