Indies’ Lies – Attack: Magic Magazine / How Does It Work?

My Magic Magazine is always doing 0 damage! How does it work?

Attack: Magic Magazine

It requires an ATK card on top of the Draw Pile in order to do its 25*3 damage, which isn’t that hard of a prerequisite to achieve.

Tip: You can know what’s the exact order of your draw pile. Clicking on the Drawpile during battle, the deck goes in order by top left to bottom right. Meaning, that the topleft card in the Drawpile Menu is your next coming card; the Top Card. This never changes unless your Discard Pile returns to the Drawpile.

You can use this information to see if you have that Attack Card on top, and if it isn’t, hope that you can draw enough cards so that the next TOP CARD is an attack card to furfill the requirement for Magic Magazine.

But this is all very much RNG-centric. So instead of going big brain.

Tip: Use a Merge Attack Card. Tactical Dive (a rare card) is within the Mechanist card pool, and that ONE CARD makes Magic Magazine extremely powerful, since it’ll guarantee an Attack Card to be on top of the Drawpile (Merge effect). Its best to have Magic Magazine AFTER you’ve gotten Tactical Dive, since it will be the most consistent means of dealing 3/4 of 100 damage almost everytime you draw.

You CAN make a deck with attack cards outnumbering all other card types, but it’ll be very rough to make defensive plays if you do this.

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