Hunt: Showdown – How to Derank Fast (Three Options)

Guide to Derank Fast

3 options, all require a friend or willing team.


Play trios or duos normally, after you’ve cleared the lobby and aquired the bounty, try to find traps placed by enemy players.

Farm yourself using the bounty token on said traps. try to only trigger one wire at a time.


  • Don’t use a hunter that has resilliance.
  • Turn into the wires and only trigger one at a time.
  • Have your mate damage you to low health in order to save time.

This might take several matches, as you need enemy traps and a bounty token. The lower mmr the guy that placed the traps, the better and faster you derank. You will drop kda massively.


Join into a quickplay match together with a friend. That friend now needs to die as quickly as possible. To an enemy player, to ai or suicide.

He now spectates the entire lobby and tries to find the lowest rank player (prestige 0 rank 12 for example).

You rush and die to that player. Repeat often to drop hard. Takes quite a bit of time, but your bounty hunt KDA won’t be affected.


You need 3 friends at least and one fresh, but leveled account with 1 to 3 star MMR.

This is the fastest way.

Join into the same game, go for low pop servers, ignore the ping.

Aquire a bounty token and meet up with the 3rd at an extract.

The 3rd player, a low MMR solo, places as many traps as possible around the extract, preferably an open field.

The low MMR player leaves, so his MMR and KDA are unaffected.

You now farm yourself on said traps, together with your partner, using the bounty token.


  • Concertina bow is great for this. Many small concertina wire mounds to farm yourself on.
  • Before leaving, the solo low MMR friend drops a poison bomb at the last second before extracting. Poison bombs are S+++ tier deranking tools.
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