House Flipper – Cheats

All the keys and commands that I can locate are listed in this tutorial.

How to Enable Cheats

When in-game, press the ESC key to access the pause menu. Then, after pressing the Tilde Key [~], type the following code:

  • iddqd

You ought to receive a brief notification about developer hotkeys.

Note: When you type the code, it won’t be displayed.

Dev Hotkeys (Cheats)

  • F3: Gives all tools.
  • F5: Money, money, money!
  • F8: Makes most tools work way too well.
  • F9: Complete the mission.
  • (,): Changes language left.
  • (.): Changes language right.
  • Left Alt + Y: Enables no-clip mode.
  • Left Alt + Z: Turns on time scale.
  • Left Alt + J: Undocumented.
  • ? (Slash): Tells you what potential purchasers want and think of your home.

Console Commands

  • help: List all the commands.
  • shotgun: Replaces your hammer with a shotgun.
  • cut: Cuts and replaces all the grass on the lawn.
  • hello: Prints “Is it me you looking for?”
  • skillu: Give you all 9 perk points for each skill.
  • lumos: Turns on all lights.
  • nox: Turns off all lights.
  • echo: Prints “echo”.
  • noclip: Enables noclip.
  • hideversion: Hides the extra debug text on the lower left corner.
  • addMoneyToBankAccount: Money, money, money!
  • confluence: Takes to to the confluence website with a (minimal) support guide for the game.
  • quicksun: Makes day and night go fast.
  • slowsun: Toggles time.
  • realsun: Toggles real-time sun.
  • stopsun: Makes it day all the time.
  • reset: Resets you in front of the gate.
  • highlights: Toggles highlights when hovering over an object.
  • maps: Unlocks map missions.
  • creative: Unlock all parts of creative missions.

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