Hogwarts Legacy – Stutter / FPS Drop PSA (The Fix)

Stutter / FPS Drop PSA

After hours of testing out different settings, comparing results to a computer that is identical to the one with stuttering and fps drops (hat scene, hogsmead, hogwarts) I ended up discovering what was /my/ problem and general woopsie moment.

Ram Clock Speed was still set to default because of a misunderstanding about oh, a year ago. FFS.

When I was setting up I recall reading it as “auto” and dumbly, thinking to myself it was being honest there. Nah, fam, that doesn’t load the XMP profile with the right clock speeds. So all this time, I’ve been running on 2135 or so ram speeds on 3600 ram.

So yeah, if your experiencing problems, may just want to check in on your bios and make real sure you remembered to setup your particular ram properly for it’s specified clock speeds / load it’s XMP profile. May just turn out to be a big reason Hogwarts is coughing up a lung trying to keep up.

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