Hogwarts Legacy – Goofy Modulated Voice Fix

For Those Stuck with a Goofy Modulated Voice

This is likely not an issue for most, but nearly caused me to restart my game:

I attempted to deepen my voice a tad in character creation, thinking it sounded fine, while the extremes sounded horrible. Unfortunately after the game started, I could easily hear the heavy modulation in my characters voice. After a short while I realized I couldn’t live with it.

Someone pointed out you have access to the pitch settings in game, but my joy quickly turned to disappointment when I realized you could only change the pitch upwards*.

* Turns out, this bar DOES in fact include all pitches, it’s just a UI problem. The slider has no notches or measurements, so TO ME it seemed to indicate that the slider all the way to the left meant no modulation, and all the way to the right (bar filled) meant the most modulation. Nope. Bar in the middle is no modulation, bar left is pitch down, bar right is pitch up.

Perhaps it felt obvious to others, but this COMPLETELY stumped me and I nearly restarted the game over it. I still will have to restart, of course, but that’s just because I washed the graphics out by setting the contrast too high when I started the game. Hope they patch a solution in for that one.

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