Hobo Cat Adventures – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

There is a debug console where you may type codes to perform various tasks, such as loading stages and adding goldbags, and skip levels.

How to Enable Console

F1 on your keyboard will bring up the debug window. To use one of the following cheat codes, enter it and hit Enter.

Console Commands (Cheats)

loadlevel [1-8]loads a specific levelloadlevel 2
addcoins [number]adds a certain amount of coinsaddcoins 999
addgoldadds a goldbagaddgold
addweapon [1-6]adds a weaponaddweapon 2
ringbellsrings all 3 bellsringbells
unringbellsresets all bellsunringbells
hideuihides the UIhideui
showuireenables UIshowui
toggletoggles between fullscreen and windowed modetoggle

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