Hired Ops – Beginner Tips

Tips for New Players

Most of the time you play with bots. Consider them children with cheats. They are not very smart, they just shoot well. So when they are blinded or dazed, they become helpless. They will not run away from grenades and will gladly run through the fire. As a last resort, always remember that they don’t react very well to those who peek out from behind cover with “”/””, you can achieve that you will see them and shoot them, but they will have zero reaction to it.

My unconfirmed observation is that their level of play drops sharply if you pick up a gun and rises if you pick up something bigger.

You can only engage in hand-to-hand combat with blinded and stunned, in all other cases it will end with your death.

Don’t forget to upgrade the skills of your operatives and try new weapons as well. There’s a hidden Accuracy setting (or something like that) here, so by trying something new, you can find something with which to shoot and kill much easier.

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